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Pepe Kalle ft. Popolipo – Roger Milla (Tab)

Pepe Kalle – Roger Milla (Tab)

Roger Milla is one of my favourite tracks of all time. The guitar work is out of this world. Also very difficult to play. I’ve been practicing it for a year and, as you can tell from the video, I still mess it up.

The trickiest bit is the descending thirds and fourths in bars 32 to 35. Very tricky to get those rapid slides accurate. But also very effective. As is the use of sixths in bar 23.

The tab is for my condensed version of the tune. It’s each individual section played without the repeats (except the thirds section where I got carried away). I worked it out from the Stadium Mix version which is exactly the same as the original but with most of the vocals removed. Very useful for learning the guitar parts.

The effects I’m using are compression, delay and flange in that order.


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