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System Tazvida – Zvawaida Zvakakona (Intro & Break Tab)

Another tune from the golden age of Zimbabwean music (I promise they won’t all be). Here’s the tab:

System Tazvida – Zvawaida Zvakakona (Tab)

I had a request for this song by System Tazvida and Chazezesa Challengers(sometimes listed as Zvawaida Zvakaramba) and it’s only taken me about a year to get it down. The trickiest part is sticking to alternate picking. I found it a big challenge but it does make for a much cleaner sound.

The tab is made up of two parts. Bars 1 – 10 are the intro. Then there’s a short riff for 4 bars. That’s followed in bar 15 by the break that starts at 2:50 in the original.


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