Leonard Dembo – Chitekete (Intro Tab)

For my first tab I had to do Leonard Dembo’s sungura classic Chitekete. Here’s the tab:

Leonard Dembo & Barura Express – Chitekete (Intro Tab)

The original (or at least the version I was working from) is tuned slightly flat. As is the guitar in the video.

Bars 1 and 2

Because of the lack of drums I had a hard time getting the timing down for this bit.

Bars 2 – 4

The song’s main riff. I’ve tabbed the first G as being at the 10th fret. But I sometimes play it at the 15th fret based on my mood and where I find my fingers.

Bars 5 – 15

Shifting up to the 15th fret. I’m doing a little finger shift in the even bars. I play the 14th fret with my index finger, 15th with middle finger. Then shift back up again so the index finger is on the 15th fret.

Bars 15 – 22

A bit of respite here with a more relaxed section.

Bars 23 and 24

Back to the main theme.


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4 thoughts on “Leonard Dembo – Chitekete (Intro Tab)

  1. Alec

    That’s fantastic! I follow you at ukehunt, but I’m getting a tenor guitar and look forward to using stuff from your posts here. I love that sound, and posts about what you use to get it would be cool.

    Well played. Great tone.

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